Our Premium Quality Bamboo Veneers

We have listed our bamboo veneer below with a brief description and picture, to give you an idea of the lay-up of the products. Everything listed is solid bamboo.

Give us a call at 503-695-3283 today and we can help with getting the right product for your project. If you are in need of a special size, we can have it made to order. Most special orders take 45 days to receive to the west coast.


We cut to ship.

0.6mm Bamboo Veneers

The bamboo veneers come in 49 and 46″ x 97″ sheets and are 0.6mm (1/64″) thick. They have a cellulose fiber backing that looks like tissue paper applied to the backside. Normal methods of adhering the bamboo veneer will work fine. Carbonized vertical and horizontal and natural vertical still available.

1/8″ and 1/4″ Single Ply Bamboo Veneers/Panels

The single-ply veneers lend themselves well to projects that need to be laminated into a shape and yet retain their strength and or flexibility. Skateboard builders enjoy the flex and durability that the 1/8″ vertical or horizontal veneers bring to their boards. Bowyers have been laminating limbs for their bows from our bamboo with great success. Bamboo has a great memory and flexibility to add to their bows. Skin on frame kayaks may be new to you but our neighbors to the north have been using them for ages. Now instead of a seal skin they are using ballistic nylon for the shell and bamboo for the frame. Here is a great video posted by Kiliii from of bamboo being bent and shaped into a kayak. For those of you interested in steam bending bamboo this video has some great tips.

7/8″ Edgebanding

Our bamboo edgebanding is 0.6mm thick and 7/8″ wide and comes in 500′ rolls that are unglued. Available in natural and carbonized vertical.