Quality Bamboo Plywood Panels from Northwest Bamboo, Inc.

Our bamboo plywood panels are as versatile as they are strong and beautiful. Rarely is there a flaw so you can expect to get excellent usage from every sheet. Their strength allows for down sizing when you want to avoid a thicker sheet. Decking out Sprinter vans and travel trailers comes to mind. The panels are solid bamboo and the edge of the panels sands and finish well. If you want to dress it up further we have bamboo Edgebanding.

If you need something other then a stock item we do special orders. We ship nation wide with great discounts on freight. Small orders can be cut down so that they by UPS.


We cut to ship.

Cross-laminated panels (plywood) have and outer layer that runs the 8′ direction front and back, while the core is vertical bamboo material that runs perpendicular to the surface. When the edge will be showing keep in mind that the core will sand and finish well and have a nice appearance.

1/4″ 3 ply & 5 ply Bamboo Plywood Panels

The 1/4″ 3-ply panels are ideal for many different uses, in a variety of projects. Its strength and stability make it ideal for small handheld items and large projects such as cabinet backs and drawer bottoms. The 3-ply bamboo panels come in natural vertical, the 5 ply panels come in natural and carbonized. The bamboo panels are 4′ x 8′ and cutting is available for small orders.